A career in software development is one of the most attractive professions today. High salary, numerous opportunities to learn as well as an opportunity to impact the world we live in are just few of the perks of being a developer.

Not that long ago, becoming a professional software developer would take years and, in order to get hired, a university degree as well. So even if you thought IT was an interesting field, it was not something that was easily accessible for everyone.

Fortunately, today it’s much easier to gain a foothold into the field of technology, whether as a software developer, engineer, or data scientist. All the resources that most people previously acquired from traditional institutions like universities are now available on the Internet. This means that anybody with Internet access also has access to a wide range of knowledge regardless of their location or background. In fact, online learning services such as open-source learning libraries like Coursera and intensive career-oriented training programs like Integrify International Academy, are now the new black. 

Online learning has been growing rapidly over the last few years, and this growth became even more significant as a result of the pandemic. Most companies have come to accept the certifications gained from this new effective method of learning and are now hiring people based on their skills and not necessarily their degrees. Indeed, online education can teach you anything, from graphic design to coding and programming, without or with minimal fees.

As a result, a career in software development is gaining popularity not only among the online learning community but also with anyone who is interested in technology. The main reasons for this trend are listed below. 

1. Increasing demand for technical skills

In Europe, despite the sizable software developer population of 5.5 million, there is still a shortage of 500 thousand developers by 2020. Countries with the biggest demand for tech professionals are Germany, Italy, Switzerland, as well as in the Nordic region such as Finland and Sweden. For example, in a job market as cramped as in Finland, about 15 thousand software developers were immediately needed in 2020 compared to 2017’s demand of nine thousand, and this number will continue to grow.

Companies of all sizes, from startups to large corporations, are now looking for talented developers to help them grow. Whether you'll be joining a team to build a product or to provide consulting services, companies with limited resources tend to seek the “all-rounders'' who can excel in a variety of technologies among other skills. To capture this demand, Integrify Academy and Integrify International Academy have been offering intensive training programs about full stack development, data science and machine learning to ensure that our graduates possess adequate knowledge and skills to jumpstart their careers in tech. At the end of the training program, our graduates have been hired by top-performing companies such as CGI, TietoEvry, Digia and Yogaia, proving that what we teach is also what is needed in the job-market.

2. Attractive salary range 

Software developers and data scientists are currently the hottest professions in the field of technology. As such, the demand for these jobs has been growing tremendously along with their salary rank for many years to come. The average salary of non-entry-level software developers in Europe ranges from €33 thousand in Sweden and Finland to €46 thousand in Germany per year, which equals an approximate €2750 to €3800 monthly salary. This is definitely one of the best perks of a software developer - being rewarded with good compensation while helping companies to grow. 

3. Endless learning opportunities

Developers are constantly required to learn and adapt to the newest technologies. Hence, even after entering the workforce, developers are lifetime learners who are bound to seize the latest tools and skill-set to deliver exemplary outcomes. The best thing about being a learner is that you’ll never get bored of your job, since it requires regular updates and the creativity to tackle arising issues. Minh, an Integrify consultant, acknowledged the importance of learning:

Nothing is trivial during your learning process because you will never know if one day it will help you to be successful in your career”.

4. Life-changing impact

Competent developers not only play a vital role in the company they work at but also have a huge opportunity to influence the world we live in. Technology has drastically changed how people communicate, commute, and perform daily tasks. In this case, the developers make a difference by solving problems with technology and delivering those solutions to life, in a way that the society as a whole benefits from. Senad, an Integrify Academy alumnus and currently a Business Solution Developer at Vaisala, felt happy to work in programming because

it is like an art form, and there’s always something to improve upon.”

If you’re still wondering why NOW is the perfect time to become a developer, we’d rather challenge you to answer the question, why NOT now. The truth is, in response to the ever changing modern world, now is the right time, here is the right place

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*Our upcoming Full Stack Program starts on March 15th, 2021. Data Science and Machine Learning will be on April 6th, 2021. The Full Stack Program in Finland begins on May 24th, 2021. 

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