Learn why working in data science is one of the most desirable career choices in 2021. Join the ride and apply to our Data Science and Machine Learning program that starts on April 6th.

Data scientists, together with software developers, are among the most attractive technology-related jobs in today’s job market. Data Science offers great opportunities for people who want to combine their IT and business skills to bolster the decision-making process in companies. If you enjoy solving problems using data to derive insights, data science might just be the right choice for you. Careers in data science have many perks, and data scientists have even been called “the sexiest job of the 21st century”.  Let’s dig into the logic behind it!

Rising demand for talent in data science

Since the 2010s, in response to the outstanding advancement in technology, more and more companies are evolving into data-driven businesses. As a result, data scientists have become the most in-demand talents all over the world and especially in Europe, where market trends have displayed a demand-exceeding-supply pattern for many years to come. With an increasing number of European cities like Helsinki, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam or Copenhagen becoming technology and startup hubs for the global tech enthusiasts, Europe is an ideal data science haven. 

What’s more, the rising need for data science professionals imply the inherent opportunities for new talents to flourish. If you have the essential data science skills, getting your first job will be relatively easy. To prepare for this prosperous job market, make sure to upgrade both your hard and soft skills. As soon as you become a qualified data scientist, plenty of career advancement options will become available to you, meaning that a certified Data Science program is essentially a stepping stone for a future-proof career.

High salaries 

Due to the rising needs in the data science workforce, companies are willing to offer hefty salaries as well as comfortable working conditions and extensive benefits to aspiring data scientists. In fact, in Europe, the average wage for junior data scientists is always in the top few percent, for example:

In these countries, after a few years of experience, senior data scientists earn up to €100k per year, which indicates how lucrative this profession is among all jobs even within the tech industry.

Diverse career choices

Acknowledging the growing importance of data science, most multinational corporations, non-profit organizations as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises are in search of data talents to fill in a variety of job positions. The possibilities to expand your career in data science are enormous. For example, you can work as a data analyst for a non-profit to analyze what actions create the most impact, as a data scientist in a large corporation to forecast upcoming business trends, or as a data engineer in charge of creating software infrastructure to optimize big data.

To succeed in these roles, candidates are expected to show proficiency in programming languages such as R and Python, which constitute two important subjects in Integrify International Academy’s curriculum. Businesses across numerous industries from IT to some less obvious ones, including healthcare, finance, logistics, etc. are avid employers of data professionals, considering their huge impact that contributes to the companies’ sustainable development.

Opportunity to work remotely

Owing to the nature of data-driven businesses where removing silos and allowing uniform access to all kinds of data are put forth, more and more data science jobs can now be tackled off-site, especially since the hit of the pandemic in early 2020. 

When you’ve become a data professional, it’s time to be on the lookout for companies that offer remote work options if you get things done more effectively in your preferred settings. Here are our tips - utilize the “remote jobs” filter on specialized websites like StackOverflow, keep an eye out for opening positions at start-ups or multinational companies like Wunder or TietoEVRY, and make sure that you carry the demanded skill sets (or obtain the right ones with Integrify International Academy). With an open mind and extensive technical competencies, it’s more than possible to match with new opportunities that enable you to work whenever and wherever you are.

Are you keen on a personal career growth in the field of data science? 

Apply to our Data Science & Machine Learning program before March 21st to learn how to clean, analyze and visualize data, build machine learning models and adopt them in cloud computing. After the intensive training, you should be able to acquire all the skills needed to get hired as a data scientist or machine learning expert. Our team will be there for you throughout the journey - from guiding your first steps in the world of data to connecting you with potential employers in your preferred industry and location.

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