From extensive career support to practical project work, find out 8 reasons why you should join Integrify Academy's Data Science & Machine Learning Program.

Since day one, we've wanted to offer our students the best educational experience there is, in addition to ensuring that the graduates get hired by top tech companies. In this blog post, we share with you 8 reasons why you should join I Data Science & Machine Learning Program to kickstart your career.

1. Get ready for a job, not a degree

According to tech companies (Computer Weekly, Fast Company), most university graduates are lacking the expertise needed in the actual workplace; communication and collaboration skills, practical, hands-on knowledge, and project work experience. So it’s no coincidence that we particularly focus on providing you those skills that will give you an edge on the job market. Theory is also included but in an easily understandable format and through practical work to keep you interested. 

At Integrify our goal is to prepare you for the work-life and make sure you’ll thrive. That’s why our curriculum simulates a real work-life rather than a school setting. You’ll be working on projects guided by industry experts, and learning both hard and soft skills as you go through the curriculum. You can be confident that on graduation day, you are the data science or machine learning expert that the employers are looking for.

We let the results speak for themselves - over 80% of our graduates have received a relevant job offer within months of graduation.

2. Most up-to-date and extensive curriculum

We’ve spent countless hours with top educators, machine learning professors, and industry experts to create the Data Science and Machine Learning curriculum, ultimately, to make sure that you have all the right skills to accelerate your career. 

First and foremost, the curriculum is designed for you to meet the job market requirements. You will master the most in-demand technologies in companies and know how to use them in practice. For example, the curriculum includes: 

⚫ Programming with Python, one of the top 3 most sought after technology skills by companies in 2021

⚫ Working with the most widely used Python libraries in data science and machine learning fields

⚫ Using Tensorflow, the number one deep learning framework as of 2020, for deep learning and machine learning problems

In addition to technical expertise, you will acquire strong collaboration and teamwork skills throughout the program.

3. Nordic twist on tech education - extreme apprenticeship 

Integrify International Academy was founded in Finland. In addition to having the happiest people in the world, the Finnish education model has been ranked number one in the world multiple times (OECD). We’ve taken the best parts of the Finnish education playbook to create the training programs. This means personalized teaching, having the same instructors throughout the whole program, and ensuring a relaxed atmosphere. 

Most importantly - our education model focuses on the extreme apprenticeship model that emphasizes learning by doing together with continuous feedback from the instructor and peers as the most efficient means for learning. The craft can only be mastered by actually practicing it.

"After Integrify Academy, I can truly say I'm a developer." - Hai, Software Developer at Futurice

4. Project work = learn to solve actual business problems 

After the first couple of modules, you will fully focus on project work. These projects are designed for you to become very comfortable with handling data and using machine learning methods to solve actual business problems. You’ll be working together with your peers and learn essential collaboration skills. And as always, our instructors will be supporting you along the way. 

During the project work, students have been working for example with various SOTA (state of the art) deep learning models like CSrnet, Faster R-CNN, BERT, and NER. A group of students did a collaboration project with open-source data from the City of Helsinki to create a model to recognize sidewalks in need of maintenance from aerial photos. This project was so successful that it was accepted to the City of Helsinki’s Machine Learning Experiment Accelerator. 

5. Career support 

In most schools, after graduation, you are on your own. With Integrify, you get our full support in your job-seeking activities. We have a team dedicated to helping you to make your CV stand out, improve your social media presence, train you to pitch your skills, and advertise your expertise to our partner network. We provide mentoring before job interviews and check-in with you throughout the job-seeking process.

During the program, you’ll also build your portfolio. It’s essential to have projects in your portfolio when you go to job interviews as it’s the best way to prove your skills and show what you can do for the company.

Your success is our success!

  6. Amazing community 

Integrify International Academy is full of amazing people. You’ll be part of a community of like-minded data scientists, machine learning engineers, and developers located in different countries in Europe. Grow your network, exchange knowledge, and enjoy the energy of the community working towards the same goal.

7. Learn from the safety of your home

It’s been a crazy year and there’s no end in sight yet. Take advantage of your time at home and join the fully online Data Science and Machine Learning Program. The program provides you a clear roadmap of what to learn in order to get hired. You won’t get sidetracked watching tutorial videos in an endless loop. In addition to studying, you’ll also get to spend time with your peers and support each other. There’s never been a better time to join a new community of motivated data analysts and scientists in training to help you keep yourself on track.

8. Amazing salaries for both data scientists and machine learning engineers

If you read our previous blog post you know that data scientists are not only dubbed as the hottest profession of the moment, but they are also earning impressive salaries. The same goes for machine learning engineers. So if you are still wondering whether to take the plunge, remember that the average salary for a mid-level data scientist in Europe is between 50 000€ - 70 000€ per year and the same for machine learning engineers with salaries ranging from 50 000€ - 75 000€ per year.

The next Data Science & Machine Learning Program starts 6th of April. Apply today to start your career!

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